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MODERN PLANT for a holistic approach to wastewater depuration



The main objective of the MODERN PLANT project is to convert municipal wastewater treatment plants into a biorefineries, by coupling the recovery of resources with an efficient degradation of emerging pollutants, without increasing management costs. This really challenging objective goes through a complete re-thinking and re-engineering of conventional wastewater treatment plants, but simply implementing the present WWTPs.

A major innovation here will consist into:

- 0 %

GHG emissions

- 0 %

of final sewage sludge

0 %

European Biodiesel Demand Obtained from Sewage Sludge

Through these investigations and a strong interaction between partners, it was expected to be proven and estimated:

The improvement

of the chemical and biological treatment of sewage to reduce the energy needing for running wastewater depuration

The reduction

of the Carbon dioxide emission vs a conventional scenario: organic carbon will be preserved from the oxidation/degradation to obtain fine chemicals (VFAs, fatty acids, etc.) using biological and/or green chemical routes

The improvement

of the degradation of emerging pollutants through advanced oxidation processes functional to the recovery of resources

The reduction

of final sludge to be disposed

This work was supported in part by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Grant number CN23GR08